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Nutritional solutions

EuroChem. We make Crop Nutrition.

Achieving the highest harvest yields and excellent quality depends mainly on a balanced nutrition and adjusted to the needs of the crop at all times.
At EuroChem® we develop high-tech and quality solutions for more efficient nutrition with our specialties

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and we complement our portfolio with our Essential products.

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Nitrofoska Special® is the result of years of experience and research to generate a complex and balanced nutritional solution.
Nitrofoska Special® provides crops with all the elements of NPK nutrition of excellent quality, added to magnesium, sulfur, calcium and microelements such as boron, iron and zinc providing the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and development of crops.


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Nitrofos® 20-20 It is a combination of nutrients perfectly adjusted to the nutritional needs of the crop, the highest content of nitrogen and phosphorus available for a harmonious nutrition where all the nutrients are present balanced in each granule.

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T26® is our nutritional solution with the highest content of nitrogen and sulfur available for the crop that act quickly and effectively.

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Nitratop® is the most effective nitrogenous fertilizer. Its total nitrogen content contains 50% of its nitrogen as nitric, highly available for the crop immediately and the remaining nitrogen as ammoniacal nitrogen that is available at more advanced stages of the crop.
It has a low rate of acidification compared with other nitrogen fertilizers such as Urea, Ammonium Nitrate or Ammonium Sulphate itself, with a virtually neutral reaction to the soil, thanks to its composition.

Nitratop Brochure (ESP)