Emerger Fertilizantes S.A.

+54 11 4836 1000

Dardo Rocha 3412. Martínez (1640). Buenos Aires.

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Why join us.

We welcome new people coming into our business and expect them to share our vision and culture. In addition to the following information, follow the Group and discover our latest employment opportunities on our EuroChem LinkedIn page


Our mission

To help the world grow the food, feed, fibre, and fuel needed to sustain our growing population.

Our four values:

– professional standards in all relationships
– equal rights to professional development of all staff
– protection against discrimination
– social protection
– fair assessment of work according to competence and level of responsibility

– relationships which create the conditions for free discussion of any company issues
– encouragement of innovation and open communication within the company

– willingness to delegate both authority and responsibility down the management chain
– guarantee of competent management
– strict adherence to best practice technologies, safety requirements and quality standards in production

– for the personal rights and interests of employees, clients, suppliers, customers and partners
– a commitment to partnership and working with all stakeholders.