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About us

EuroChem. We make Crop Nutrition.

EuroChem is the only fertilizer company in the world that combines its own assets of mining, production, logistics and global distribution for all nutrients. We have a vertical integration business model that seeks to create value in crop nutrition solutions and in the local markets through long-term relationships.

Our goal is to help farmers to increase the yield and quality of their crops in a sustainable manner, working side by side with our distribution channel. We create value in the fertilizers market through the development of specialties by our research and development team.

Our production base is increasingly international, we have assets in Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Belgium, as well as a joint venture in China.These assets have easy access to key markets through our logistics and distribution network that currently covers more than 25 countries.

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EuroChem is one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers and organic synthesis products in the world, with a production capacity of 12.9 MMt pa of ammonium. Our plants produce a wide range of mineral fertilizers such as Urea, UAN, Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate.

Our offer has continued to grow, now encompassing specialized products such as controlled release, non-chloride and inhibitor-treated fertilizers. The latest products delay the conversion of urea into ammonium and ammonia, leaving more nitrogen in the soil available for crops.


Our Phosphates come from high quality phosphate rock, extracted and processed at our Kovdorskiy mine in Russia, it is a key component of our phosphate fertilizer production operations. Our manufacturing plants in Russia and Lithuania produce monoammonium MAP phosphate, DAP diammonium phosphate, NP, animal nutrition phosphates, as well as a range of regular and custom-made complex NPK grades.

Our phosphate fertilizer plants have a combined MMT 1.2 of phosphoric acid capacity and 3.0 pa MMT of sulfuric acid capacity.


We are building potassium mines and processing in two locations in Russia; in the Gremyachinskoe deposit (EuroChem-VolgaKaliy, Volgograd region) and in the Verkhnekamskoe (EuroChem Usolskiy, Perm region). The two sites will have more 8.3 MMT KCI (5.0 MMT K2O) capacity, which is equivalent to approximately 10% of the current global supply.
This will make us one of the four companies in the world to produce Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and one of the five global producers in total nutrient capacity.

EuroChem in Argentina

In the year 2017, EuroChem acquired the company Emerger Fertilizantes.

Emerger was born in 1998 and since then is positioned in Argentina as a specialist in the import and distribution of fertilizers with a clear leadership in regional economies. The offer of value was on the one hand in personalized advice and in the constant search for excellence in care and supply of high quality fertilizers.
Emerging today as a company of the group EuroChem seeks to expand its business to traditional crops and add value to the fertilizer market as a supplier and distributor of specialties and essential products. In recent years, it has increased its commercial team and expanded the plant located in the COMIRSA industrial park, projecting a capacity of 46,000 tons, adding technology and equipment.